Trauma When IVF Fails: Podcast Digs In

Trauma is the focus of a new Slate podcast. Here, Slate breaks new ground. This is a radical departure from the typical saccharine narrative pushed by the IVF industry. Instead, this discussion delves into the lived reality of patients who endured failed IVF. You’ll hear from patients who underwent IVF recently as well as 15+ years ago. Very little has changed. The podcast explores how it feels to get an infertility diagnosis. What’s it’s like to bond with the embryo ultrasound photos clinics provide. And, there’s much more.

The assisted reproductive technology industry (aka ‘fertility’ clinics) first arrived in the early 1980s. There has been a long history of profit-driven clinics abandoning patients. Rather than look after those who experience deep grief and loss, the clinics instead allocate funds for marketing efforts to find new paying customers.

For more on this trauma topic, check out this material: IVF Survivorship – A New Field of Study. You can also listen to this talk on IVF trauma and its long-lived emotional impacts.