The Truth About Freezing Your Eggs

Time magazineIn the July 27 TIME magazine print edition, Charlotte Alter reports:

“Egg freezing, women are told, is a fountain of youth. Like most such promises, it doesn’t quite deliver. Some women will take home babies from their frozen eggs, but many won’t. And for a procedure pitched to anxious women as an ‘insurance policy,’ there is shockingly little data on exactly what their chances are.”

Article Excerpt: “If doctors are trying to manage egg freezing expectations, some women who have tried multiple rounds of IVF are downright skeptical. ‘There is unfortunately a real growth industry here around those who see dollars and not necessarily babies,’ says Pamela Tsigdinos, an infertility blogger and the author of Silent Sorority, who attempted five IVF cycles with fresh eggs. ‘You don’t see women on stage like me talking about the absolute heartbreak,’ she says. ‘The doctors keep telling you your eggs and embryos look fabulous, and then you’re left sitting in the dark room with the phone and someone has just told you you’re not pregnant.’ ”  Read the full story here >>>