The Stories That Change Us

From Searching for Our Silver Lining: “Pamela’s new book Finally Heard: A Silent Sorority Finds its Voice, (I encourage you read it), goes beyond the emotional aspects of the infertility diagnosis and finding oneself at the end of treatments without a baby. It bravely tackles both society’s view of those living without children as well as the dark-side of an unregulated fertility industry. Though this last part is definitely unpopular in today’s society, the message that Pamela brings is important for anyone who decides to pursue treatments to consider.

“I found myself shocked when I came upon the section about how society views women who are not parenting after infertility and realizing that prior to infertility I too believed these myths and how it’s thanks to women like Pamela I no longer do.

“Regardless of where you are in your journey, there will always be stories that help you move through the mile-markers. Some stories will provide inspiration to take those first steps down a path while others will have you stopping in your tracks and re-evaluating your path. These are the stories that change us. ” Read more here >>>