What People Are Saying about Silent Sorority

“Silent Sorority helped me beyond measure. I also gave the book to my family. My folks, although clinical psychologists, could not quite grasp the continual pain. They became much better about it. MUCH.”

“Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos’ story of female infertility is one we don’t tend to hear about: she never conceived a child. This raw and beautifully written memoir grapples with the double isolation such women feel of being not only infertile, but infertile and childless after prolonged treatment.  Silent Sorority raises much-needed questions. The author’s eventual triumph into a happy life as a writer and advocate is all the more powerful for the darkness that preceded it.” – Alexandra Kimball, Buzzfeed

Surviving Infertility

Silent Sorority

“After years of unsuccessful fertility treatments, Tsigdinos stopped, becoming an online hero for documenting her journey away from motherhood.” – Katrina Onstad, The Globe and Mail 

“Pamela’s ‘silent sorority’ of women who can’t conceive are becoming more vocal. These days, many women are sick of the whispers. They’re infertile and they’re not ashamed.” – Piper Weiss, Pop Sugar /Yahoo

“Mother’s Day looks different from where she stands.” – Lisa Belkin, The New York Times

“Tsigdinos has given a voice to infertile women’s experience.” – Bitch Magazine

“One of the few memoirs I’ve read where there isn’t a ‘happy baby ending’. The world needs more of  these and Pamela Tsigdinos is an inspirational spokeswoman for the baby-less generation.” – Jessica Hepburn, In Pursuit of Motherhood

“Silent Sorority is a brave book and a gift to all infertile women, whatever stage of the journey they may be on.” – Kate Johnson, NBC/iVillage

“An intelligent social commentary on our mommy-centric culture and what it’s like to be childless-not-by-choice when everyone around you is baby-mad.” – Lisa Manterfield, I’m Taking My Eggs and Going Home

“Witty, heartbreaking, and absolutely bittersweet.” – Marcie Pickelsimer, Grown In My Heart

“I know that I am not the only one who has been emboldened by Pamela’s story. See for yourself. Buy her book, read it and go to her blog and see for yourself the power of being part of this Silent Sorority. We are not alone.” — Amazon.com Reviewer




Finally Heard, the ebook

“Adroitly challenging the stereotypical ideological framework of what living with infertility really looks like, Finally Heard examines with insight, heart, and sensitivity the psychological, emotional, and physical manifestations of infertility. Pamela bravely and authentically reflects what millions of women around the world face, and offers a real sisterhood experience. It declares the most powerful words, ‘me too.’ ” –Tracey Cleantis, author of the best-selling The Next Happy: Let Go of the Life You Planned and Find a New Way Forward.”

“In Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos’ new ebook, ‘Finally Heard,’ she charts the next stage of her journey since ‘Silent Sorority’ — the part where she began to realise that the worst of her grief was behind her, yet the rest of her life was still ahead of her. Pamela has become one of my ‘hell-no-way-are-we-going-to-be-silent-any-more’ sorority sisters from around the world. As Pamela shows in this pithy short book, there are many ways to express the ‘mothering’ aspect of ourselves and much work to be done in the personal, medical, cultural and political spheres.” — Jody Day, author of Rocking the Life Unexpected

“In Silent Sorority, Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos tackled taboos and blazed a trail by sharing the raw and painful truth of her infertility journey and subsequent struggle to come-to-terms with a life without children. Six year later, in Finally Heard, she steps forward again, this time as a wise mentor. She shares hard-won lessons and offers a levelheaded exposé of the fertility industry, the motherhood gap, and society’s slowly changing perceptions of the role of childless women.” – Lisa Manterfield, award-winning author of I’m Taking My Eggs and Going Home


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