The Big IVF Add-on Racket

IVF add-ons are the dirty little secret in the ‘fertility’ industry. These interventions are the latest in a long history of the industry experimenting on women. As Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos moved from IVF patient to patient advocate she’s had the opportunity to monitor the industry from a unique perspective.

In her latest op-ed to run in The New York Times, the editors didn’t pull any punches. This is the headline they wrote: The Big IVF Add-on Racket. The piece landed on the homepage alongside major news around the world. Its placement signals this is not a topic to be taken lightly.

IVF Add-ons Under New Scrutiny

This piece calls attention to several new papers published this month in Fertility and Sterility, including one Tsigdinos helped co-author along with an international team of researchers, academics and patient advocates: Do à la carte menus serve infertility patients? The ethics and regulation of in vitro fertility add-ons.